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Barry's Best is the Best for Residential & Commercial Property Needs

Our Mission

At Barry's Best Property Services, our mission statement is the same as our tagline: "A Professional Company Job at a Neighborhood Buddy Price". We promise to provide the utmost in professional service, going above and beyond your expectations and we promise to do the job for a reasonable price.

Barry's Best Property Services

Proudly serving Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, Fairburn, Newnan & Sharpsburg, Jonesboro



Landscape Design/Curb Appeal

Getting ready to sell your home? Or maybe you just want to refresh the look of your home to make it new and exciting again? We will come out to your house, talk with you about your ideas, take pictures and then get back to you with a proposal. Our proposal will include several different ideas at several different price points. All proposals are free of charge. If you select us to do the work, we will deliver all necessary material, do the work and clean up the space when we are done so that you are left with a beautiful home with eye-popping curb appeal!

Gutter Guard Installation/Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Gutters should be cleaned once or twice a year depending on how many trees you have around your home to keep water flowing freely. Clogged gutters will damage your roof and your home and cost thousands of dollars to repair! Protect your investment cleaning your gutters regularly! Looking to install gutter guards? Have you been quoted a price of $5,000 & up by the big companies? We can install gutter guards for a fraction of the price.


Basic Lawn Service

"Basic" doesn't seem like the right word to use when describing our work! What Barry calls "basic" is what other companies call "extra". CEO Barry trains all our employees to treat every lawn as if it were Barry's lawn. And, wow, is he picky about his lawn! Our basic lawn service includes mowing the lawn, weed-eating, edging and blowing, but we promise you that your house is going to be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood!

We regularly hear comments from our customers such as "My lawn has never looked this good" and "This is the yard I always dreamed of". 

For an additional price, we also offer trimming of hedges, bushes, and trees; removal of small trees, removal of downed trees; and other lawn maintenance chores.

As always, we will gladly come out and give you a free estimate for lawn service.

Snake Removal

Snake in your grass? Barry is not afraid of snakes and has years of experience capturing and humanely relocating snakes - both non and poisonous! No snake is too big or too small. (And if you're like Liz, all snakes are too big!)


Hoarder House Cleaning

Hoarding is one of the last stigmas that no one wants to discuss, but we understand that this is due to a mental illness. With our "no judgment" philosophy, we come in and clean up the worst of the worst of conditions. We will get the job done in under a week at a reasonable price.

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